Stakeholder Management – Course Description


Most unsuccessful projects and initiatives have one thing in common – they have not been able to manage stakeholders effectively leading to millions of dollars wasted by organizations. Stakeholders have different levels of interest, influence and engagement which changes across the life of a project/initiative.

This workshop addresses identification of stakeholders to understanding their dimensions and relevant techniques to manage stakeholders to ensure success.


  • Case-Study Based approach to learning.
  • Right mix of Faculty Lecture, Group Activities, Participant Presentation and Debate.
  • Learning backed by immediate application and reflection.

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Duration 2 Days
ELIGIBILITY: Graduation/
COURSE FEE: Call 91.94280.26327

Stakeholder Management – Course Benefits


• Understand the broad concept of stakeholders.
• Techniques to comprehensively identify stakeholders.
• Perform Stakeholder Engagement Analysis.
• Gain insights into the dimensions of Stakeholder Management.
• Identify skills needed to effectively engage stakeholders throughout the life of the project/initiative.
• Evaluate and realign stakeholder engagement with project progress.

Stakeholder Management – Target Audience


• Sponsors, Program Managers and Senior Project Managers
• Project Managers, Delivery Managers, and PMO Managers
• Business Analysts, Project Team Members, and PMO Team Members
• Functional Managers who support programs.
• Professionals planning to move into Project and Program Management.

Stakeholder Management – Your Faculty


● Is one of the top Management Coaches in India.
● Believes that “Any education is useless if it does not change the way you think and behave”.
● Empowers you with insights from hundreds of workshops
● Has profoundly impacted thousands of professionals like you!
● Enriches you with decades of global experience across different industries
● Brings to you, case studies from world-class organizations and research institutions
● Equips you to deliver higher value to your stakeholders
● Makes your learning interactive and fun!

  • Managing Troubled Projects

  • Leadership on Projects

  • Business Case Development