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  • What does the PMP Certification do to You?

    • July 23, 2018
    • Posted By : Purvi Shah
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    • Project Management

    You may be a professional from any industry who is aspiring to move up the organizational ladder.  In today’s business world, project management is considered to be an essential role for professionals intending to climb the career path quickly.

    You may be wondering, “why only project management?  Can I not grow the same way with domain-specific skills alone?”

    Well, the straight answer is – beyond a certain point, domain knowledge and a higher level of strategic and business management skills must complement each other.  And, project management exposes you to the entire spectrum of an organization’s business functions along with the domain!

    If you have been delivering successfully on your projects, do you still need a PMP Certification?

    Consider these.

    • You may be successful in your current organization.
    • Your colleagues know your competence and worth.
    • Some of the project management practices may work in your current organization but may not be considered world-class!


    The all-important question is –

    How does the world beyond your company assess your worth?    

    Professional certification is critical to testify your knowledge of project management in a global setting!

    Having understood the value of a certification, let us explore the dimensions of its impact on you – professionally and personally!

    • Offers a project management canvas that is much bigger than what you have been used to in your current role and firm.
    • Provides insights into the way large and complex projects get visualized and executed globally across industries.
    • Equips you with the complete set of project management processes and techniques for managing projects of any size – small-to-big.
    • Makes you confident to take on larger projects across the globe.
    • Gives you the formal project management language that enables you to communicate, collaborate, and take on global projects.
    • Enhances your understanding of leadership skills needed to deliver projects successfully – consistently!
    • Various studies have shown that a PMP Certified professionals command a higher salary than those that are not!
    • Puts you in a different league of project professionals – worldwide!


    While PMP Certification is respected and valued globally, it is more important to understand that you need to get coached by a project management expert from the industry to gain insights into the practical nitty-gritty of projects.

    SRISHA’s PMP Certification Program is unique from the rest where the focus is holistic to address the professional transformation and successful certification dimensions.

    Get in touch with us right away if your dreams are big and want to give wings to your professional career!


    About Author :

    Srikanth PV comes with two decades of global corporate and consulting background across industries with diverse roles including Strategy, Leadership, and Management. Currently, he focuses on driving and creating customer value by building and enhancing organizational portfolio, program, and project management maturity by his impactful consulting and coaching engagements.  He is also a former member of the Board of Directors of PMI Bangalore Chapter.

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